TCA International Students Continue Their Education

TCA international students continue their education despite changes necessitated by COVID travel restrictions. The Class of 2021 has two international students who are working toward graduation in May, Ge “Poppy” Zhu and Jihao “Justin” Zhang.

Justin has been at TCA since 9th grade, but is currently completing academic work from his home in China using FLVS Global online curriculum. He works on classes like English, American Government, and Pre-Calculus during the week with monitoring by Mrs. Tammy Jackson, the International Academic Advisor. Mrs. Jackson helps Justin and the other six students in the program in China by keeping them on track with their courses and speaking with them personally during a weekly WeChat call. We hope that these students will be able to join their classmates on campus in January to complete their second semester in person.

Poppy has remained in Jacksonville throughout 2020 and is attending TCA classes on campus with the other seniors. She plans to remain here through graduation and then to go directly to her chosen American university next fall.

Dr. Cindy Robinson, the International Program Director, is looking forward to Fall 2021 when TCA hopes to resume short term programs and enroll new students from many countries.

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