Student Support Services

Student Support Services

Our Program

The Student Support Service is designed to assist students in grades 3rd through 12th diagnosed with learning differences who are in need of additional support in order to be successful in Trinity Christian Academy’s learning community.

Our dedicated Student Support Services Team creates an academic plan tailored to each student’s individual needs. The Student Support Services Team provides academic support, progress monitoring, and accommodation implementation in a positive learning environment.

Our goal is for every student to achieve their full academic potential.

With the cooperation of the student, parents, and teachers,

we believe that potential can be realized.

What We Offer


The Student Support Services Team meets with parents and students to create a TEAM Plan based on the student’s IEP, 504 Plan, and/or psychoeducational evaluation.

  • The TEAM plan is an accommodation plan which provides limited, minor adjustments to the classroom such as oral testing, extended time on tests, or preferred seating.
  • The Student Support Services Team oversees the implementation of the TEAM Plan.

Learning Strategies Class - (1 credit per year given for high school students grades 9-12)

  • Learning Strategies class is foundational to our program. It is a daily class focusing on test preparation, completion of homework and projects, the development of learning strategies, and the improvement of organizational skills. High school students earn one credit per year for this class.
  • Due to the low student/teacher ratio of this class, space is limited.


  • The Student Support Services Team tracks each student’s progress with weekly comprehensive monitoring of assignments.
  • The Student Support Services Team communicates with parents and teachers any concerns about current progress or barriers to success.


  • Facilitates application for extended time on ACT/SAT.
  • Facilitates onsite ACT/SAT testing when applicable.
  • Coordinates community resources.
  • Coordinates conferences between students/parents/administrators.
  • Meets with student’s Educational Testing Evaluator upon request.

Registration Requirements

  • Students must complete the standard admission’s process including admission’s testing.
  • Students must submit their Individual Education Plan (IEP), 504 Accommodation Plan and/or current psychoeducational evaluation with their admission's materials.
  • Acceptance into this program is at the discretion of the Admissions Committee.

Program Requirements

Program Requirements

  • The student has a matrix of 251.
  • The student has demonstrated the ability to learn in a classroom of approximately 25 students.
  • The student has no emotional or behavioral concerns that affect the learning environment.The student shows an interest in taking responsibility for learning.


  • Trinity Christian Academy does not offer Exceptional Student Education (ESE) services.
  • Services provided at Trinity Christian Academy are not equivalent to the continuum of services offered through the public school system.
  • Students will not receive the same services, accommodations, or modifications listed on IEPs, 504 Plans, psychoeducational evaluations, or other formal/informal plans.
  • Services provided at Trinity Christian Academy do not include academic or behavioral interventions, supports, or small groups that are often specified on IEP or 504 Plans.
  • Trinity Christian Academy does not offer a grade/credit recovery program.
  • Students enrolled in the Student Support Services Programs may need to access outside services such as academic tutoring.


Secondary Tier III Service Fee (7th -12th grades) - $2,200.00 per year

  • Daily Learning Strategies class
  • Creation of TEAM Plan
  • Tracking
  • Implementation of accommodations
  • Access to Student Support Services room after school 3 days a week

Secondary Tier II Service Fee (7th -12th grades)- $1,200.00 per year

  • Creation of TEAM Plan
  • Tracking
  • Implementation of accommodations
  • After School Study Group 3 days a week

Elementary Tier (3rd - 6th grades)- $1,200.00 per year

  • Daily Small Group Instruction
  • Creation of TEAM Plan
  • Facilitation of accommodations


For more information regarding this program,

contact: Mrs. Teri Pappas

Student Support Services Program Director

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