Student Support Services

Student Support Services

Welcome to Student Support Services

Student Support Services is designed to assist students in grades 3rd through 12th diagnosed with learning differences who need minor accommodations and/or academic support to be successful in Trinity Christian Academy’s learning community.

Trinity’s academic emphasis is on standards-based instruction and college preparation. All students complete rigorous coursework within the general education classroom and graduate with a standard high school diploma.

After acceptance to TCA,  Student Support Services meets with the family of each qualifying student to create an accommodation plan.  This accommodation plan is based on the accommodations and services provided at TCA.

Please note that if a student with a disability is enrolled in a private school by their parents, the student does not have an automatic right to receive special education and related services that the student would receive if enrolled in a public school under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Our Student Support Services limitations are provided below.

Program Requirements

  • Students must submit documentation to verify eligibility for services and/or accommodations.
  • For students with an IEP from the public school,  the Matrix of Services number cannot exceed 251.
  • Students must have successful experience in standard educational classes of 20 or more students.
  • Students must show the ability and willingness to take ownership of their learning.
  • Students must successfully complete the Admissions process including the entrance test requirement.
  • The Admission Committee reviews all documents and entrance exam results to determine acceptance.

Student Support Services Limitations:

  • Student Support Services does not offer specialized or individualized educational programs.
  • Student Support Services does not modify curriculum or assignments.
  • Student Support Services does not offer a grade/credit recovery program.
  • Student Support Services’ academic support programs do not take the place of individualized tutoring.
  • Student Support Services’ academic support programs are fee based due to low student/teacher ratio and have limited enrollment.

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Questions About Our Programs?

For specific information regarding our programs, please contact us.

Mrs. Teri Pappas

Student Support Service Program Director

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