Profile of a Graduate

Profile of a Graduate

With Christ at the center of our motivations, intentions and actions, the following categories represent the skills our students have continuously refined as they progress to the time of graduation.



Successfully advocating for and interacting with others

  • Articulate in verbal and written communication
  • Confident - Knowledgeable and well informed
  • Conscientious and careful to listen


Working together to achieve a common goal

  • Values Teamwork - impartial and sincere
  • Social Awareness- an open-minded participant
  • Ability to summarize and draw conclusions


Applying skills to analyze and resolve real world issues

  • Problem Solver- ability to evaluate and assess
  • Strategic- finding a pathway forward
  • Analytical - realistic and informed


Embracing civic responsibility through community involvement

  • Service oriented leadership
  • Value-based advocacy informed by cultural awareness
  • Proactive compassion


Developing and implementing multifaceted solutions

  • Imaginative innovation
  • Ingenuity
  • Perceptive originality

We Empower Students to Discover and Live out their God-given Purpose

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