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Dual Enrollment Program

Dual Enrollment at TCA by the Numbers

Students who have participated in the program
Students who have earned their AA degree before high school graduation

What is Dual Enrollment?

Simply put, Dual Enrollment is a program where students can complete college courses, and even their entire college AA degree, before graduating high school. Qualifying 11th – 12th grade students can take college courses at either Florida State College at Jacksonville or Trinity Baptist College. We offer several different FSCJ courses here at TCA's campus, with one additional one being taught online exclusively for our students by a member of the FSCJ faculty. Classes taken with Trinity Baptist College are offered either on campus or online, and some are accepted by FSCJ towards the AA degree.

Why Should My Student Do This?

  • Parents are NOT charged additional tuition for the college courses taken in the Fall or Spring term.
  • Qualified, college ready students can take one or more college level courses during high school
  • All college courses are weighted 1 full point as viewed by university admissions offices, while honors level high school courses are weighted .5 points
  • Highly qualified and motivated students can earn up to the 60 hours required for an AA degree which can accelerate their post-secondary education and career goals
  • Students can take courses related to possible career fields and learn if that is truly where their interests lie before entry into university.
  • Students in the program demonstrate to university admissions officers that they are taking the most rigorous courses available to them through TCA’s programs.

How Do I Sign Up?

At the end of Semester 1, students in 10th and 11th grade with a 3.0 or higher unweighted GPA are invited to attend a mandatory information seminar with at least one parent. Those who wish to pursue the program after attending the seminar are referred to the college for placement testing. Those who earn qualifying placement scores may begin taking college courses as early as May of that year.


Taking Dual Enrollment classes translates to a savings of over $300 per college course towards your undergrad degree!

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