Renewing the Path of Learning: Introducing TCA’s New ELA Curriculum

Curriculum at Trinity Christian Academy

Curriculum refers to the wide variety of resources teachers use throughout the day to facilitate their content delivery. While many associate curricula directly with the textbooks used by teachers or schools, it actually encompasses a broad range of materials and resources that educators employ to help students meet the goals and expectations for each subject at every grade level. Our curriculum includes instructional materials, lesson and unit plans, assessments, textbooks, standards, and most importantly – the Bible.

All content taught at TCA is presented from a Biblical worldview and strongly aligns with our mission to empower students to discover and live out their God-given purpose. We believe that the Bible serves as a guiding principle for all aspects of life. While the textbooks used in our classrooms may come from different publishers, our teachers serve as the living curriculum, actively incorporating the Word of God into all subject areas in every grade level on a daily basis.

TCA Curriculum Renewal Process

At Trinity Christian Academy, we believe that learning is essential for success in life. Our approach to education encourages students to explore and work together on real-world projects. We evaluate the effectiveness of our textbooks annually, and this year we focused on our English Language Arts (ELA) curriculum, which includes reading, writing, and other essential skills like phonics and grammar. We wanted to ensure that our students had a curriculum that would challenge them and provide them with meaningful learning opportunities. During the review process, our teachers expressed a need for textbooks and materials that would empower and equip them in their classrooms. Together, we reviewed all available options and selected the best textbook for our students and teachers.

ELA Selection for 2024

We are excited to announce that beginning in the 2023-24 school year, we will be implementing McGraw Hill's ELA curriculum - Florida Wonders for grades kindergarten-5 and Florida StudySync for students in grades 6-12. These products are designed to help our students meet Florida's academic standards and prepare them for future success.

Students and Parents

What does this mean for our students? Reading and writing will have a designated place in the weekly class time. Your child will practice and apply what they have learned through a wide variety of passages. During small group work time, students will work together to solve problems, learn from one another, and practice before working independently. Teachers will have access to all necessary materials, making planning for lessons and personalized small groups much easier. Students will also have access to their textbooks online, along with exciting and interactive materials such as games, leveled readers, articles, and homework.

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Teachers as a Living Curriculum

All content taught at TCA is presented from a Biblical worldview and aligns with our mission to empower students to discover and live out their God-given purpose. TCA sees the Bible as a guide for all of life, and we intentionally guide students to respond to learning through the lens of Scripture. The textbooks you see may come from different publishers, but our teachers are the living curriculum that bring the word of God into all content areas being taught every day.

Grateful for Funding Quality

High-quality textbooks and resources can be quite costly. In past years, we made partial adoptions, which left some grade levels and content areas out of alignment using outdated materials. However, thanks to a generous grant set aside specifically for private schools, TCA was able to purchase this ELA curriculum for all students from kindergarten to 12th grade.

We are excited about this change and update to our ELA curriculum and are committed to partnering with parents to make this adoption a success for both teachers and families. We will be sharing more information about these resources in the coming months, and we hope that our students will benefit greatly from this new curriculum.

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