TCA Monthly Alumni Spotlight – Maggie Wang

This month, TCA would like to highlight Yuqi (Maggie) Wang, one of the youngest alums featured in this spotlight series!

Maggie, a 2019 TCA alum, recently graduated from Liberty University with her Bachelor's degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. When not working part-time on campus as a Teaching Assistant for Genetics Prep, Maggie takes pride in using her lab skills to teach her student shadow and provide them with meaningful opportunities to conduct research with her. Maggie’s love of mentorship and teaching goes beyond her role in the lab and finds its roots back to her time at Trinity when she found Jesus.

“My mentors used many ways to share the gospel with me,”

said Maggie.

“My attitude towards Christianity changed when I started to talk to my teachers [and] I was saved!”

Born in China, where Christianity is taboo in many places, Maggie was an atheist before beginning her study abroad journey in the United States.

“One of my biggest challenges was I felt like if I connected to Christianity, I would be disconnected from my own culture,”

she said.

“Dr. Huang helped me see the relationship between Chinese and Christianity and how Christianity can save Chinese lives.”

Dr. Huang encouraged Maggie that she could be both a good scientist and a Christian. He also emphasized that science and religion are not mutually exclusive because God is in everything.

As Maggie began her studies at TCA, she was not only exposed to education that prepared her for success in college and life, but she also met many people who shared the love and light of Jesus. Some of the most influential people in her life were the Milligans, her host family.


“[My] time living with the Milligans [was] definitely my favorite. I had so much fun with them,”

said Maggie.

“They [showed] me love is beyond nationality, race, culture, politics, and language.”

Along with showing love, the Milligans were open and willing to teach Maggie anything she wanted to know about Christianity. She fondly recalls the night she had her first Bible study, and the Word became real to her.

“The point where I started to understand what this belief is, was when I told my host family I wanted to do a Bible study with them and [have them] teach me lessons from the Bible,”

said Maggie.

“We started with the verse, ‘And he shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free’. And somehow that night, that old, boring book [spoke] to me.”

Now on fire for God and newly baptized, Maggie looks forward to a bright future that allows her to continue to pour her time, energy, and passion into others and prepare for graduation in May 2023. From an atheist to a believer, Maggie’s story is one of triumph, love, grace, and inspiration.

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