COVID-19 Response – What sets us apart?

Here at Trinity, our mission is to empower students to discover and live out their God-given purpose. Even during this time, we wish to help our families succeed in school. Our administration, faculty, and teachers are working tirelessly to ensure that our students are still receiving the best education possible. See what we have been doing below.

1. Family wellness calls every 1-2 weeks

  • Personal phone call from staff members
  • Every Family

2. Providing as much flexibility for completing work during the week as possible to accommodate all family situations.

3. Tutoring services for at risk students.

4. A teacher commitment to daily and need based communication

5. Teachers Zoom/video conferencing with students on a weekly basis.

6. Loaning devices to families with a need (Chromebooks and iPads)

7. Organizing drive through material pickups for parents

8. Videoed Bible lessons

9. An organized page of teacher resources is available to assist teachers in the distance learning process

10. Frequent and regular communication from the various division administrators to update parents.

11. Surveys composed and sent out to get actionable information from parents regarding what we are doing well and how we can improve.

12. Admissions and Enrollment processes are all online and we are offering virtual tours for prospective students

13. High School Guidance office giving support to students in lieu of standardized test cancellations and postponements, etc.

14. Registering students for summer dual enrollment program which will be conducted entirely online

15. Working on plans to conduct Kindergarten and Senior graduations

16. Distributed caps and gowns to seniors through a drive through pick up

17. Virtual Spirit Day with staff delivered #TCAStrong t-shirts. Proceeds are being used to help our TCA families in need due to COVID-19 layoffs and furloughs.

Better. Happier. Safer. Brighter. That’s Trinity!

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