Important Message from Head of School

Dear TCA Families,

We are looking forward to welcoming you back for the next academic year, and will be communicating even more details as our first day, August 10, draws closer. Meanwhile, please review the information provided to gain an understanding of what school on campus may be like for our learning community. It is our desire to move forward as outlined unless circumstances dictate otherwise.

Based upon recommendations from our local health authorities, and when feasible, the following guidelines will be implemented as we open school on August 10. We will continually monitor updates and adjust as we move through Phases 2 and 3. Keep in mind, a safe learning environment is everyone’s responsibility regardless of which “Phase” we have entered.

Classrooms and Distancing

Reasonable social distancing will be exercised in every classroom and learning environment. This will be determined by available square footage and the number of students per space.

When social distancing is not feasible, such as during hallway transitions, and other gathering spaces, we may request students to wear face coverings.

While not required in spaces where distancing is feasible, parents still have the prerogative to have their student wear a face covering at any time.

General Hygiene

Handwashing and/or hand sanitizing stations will be available for every instructional space. Students will be trained in appropriate handwashing methods, and time will be provided for adequate cleaning between transition sessions.

Preventative Measures,  Protocols and Precautions

To give you a glimpse into the level of precautions we are managing – TCA has currently established the following practices as of June 25, 2020:

Current practices during Phase 1 & 2:

  • Online screening form (QR Code) is being used for daily campus visits by employees and visitors.
  • Infrared thermometers are available for all departments for daily temperature checks – all students and staff.
  • Mobile “screen and clean” kits are available for all main offices, sports programs and testing areas
  • Enhanced deep cleaning of every classroom and entire campus facilities.
  • Established school-wide employee and department specific guidelines for Florida Phase 1 and 2 for compliance with the Florida Department of Health and the CDC.
  • Employee training for all divisions that are operating over the summer.

Anticipated practices for August 10 forward:

  • Adoption of new LMS (Learning Management System) “G-Suite for Education” also known as “Google Classroom”. G-Suite for Education is a comprehensive virtual learning platform that will be a one-stop landing place for everything your TCA student is doing in class.
  • Hand sanitizing stations for all classrooms and main entrances/exits.
  • Electrostatic cleaning systems designed for rapid disinfection of all learning spaces/equipment
  • Face Coverings – a reusable face covering will be provided for every student to be used as needed thanks to the generous donation made by FrenchToast, our uniform supplier
  • Signage – social distancing signs and floor markers
  • Plexiglass barriers in high traffic offices
  • Continual monitoring and updating of operational guidelines in accordance with the Florida Department of Health and the CDC.
  • All students, faculty and staff screened every day upon arrival; this includes temperature checks.

A safe learning environment starts before students arrive on campus. It is our desire to create a campus with as little educational interruption as possible even though we anticipate the need to nimbly modify our method for instructional delivery. Understanding that even though our campus can be sparkling clean every hour, the discovery of one COVID-19 case may result in the need to initiate modified instruction for a group, a class or an entire building, if necessary. Therefore, it is critical that we all employ best health practices moving forward.

As indicated by the results collected from our recent school survey, we have committed to establish a new virtual learning platform. In the event we partially close a classroom/campus, TCA will pivot exclusively to our new LMS (Learning Management System) “G-Suite for Education” also known as “Google Classroom”, one sign-on, one place, one-to-one with your teachers.

Unlike our Emergency Remote Learning solutions from our last academic quarter, this new LMS will provide all the tools necessary for both virtual instruction and augment the daily lesson planning. Regardless of whether we are on or off campus, Google Classrooms will become a household term as everyone will utilize this tool for clearer communication and better interaction with teachers, students, and parents. Our teachers are being trained during the summer in preparation for August 10. Furthermore, Google Level I Certifications will be achieved by all staff by the end of the first semester.

Our mission remains unchanged:

We empower students to discover and live out their God-given purpose.

Thank you for your partnership. We are excited for the opportunity we have to raise up the next generation during very challenging times for our nation. We view this as both an honor and a privilege. Thank you for making Trinity Christian Academy your school of choice.

David Welling
Head of School
Trinity Christian Academy 

Noteworthy announcements:

We have started a Leadership Track in the Upper Division –

Trinity is excited to announce a new student leadership class available for 9th and 10th grade students for the upcoming 20-21 school year. Students who are accepted in the program will be taught how to capitalize on personal strengths to overcome complex problems, to develop critical thinking skills necessary to make wise choices in life, and to practice those life skills to make them into authentic leaders.  We are excited to offer this new track in the Upper Division.

Google for Education has been selected as our LMS Google Classroom.

Some classes in the Lower Division are getting to wait list levels. Please contact the school offices to get registered. FHSAA – our Athletic Association has officially announced that all fall sports seasons will start as planned!

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