Getting Ready for Success: TCA’s Guide to Middle School and Beyond!

Middle school is tumultuous for many students with rapid changes occurring in their physical, social, emotional and academic lives. Consequently, a family’s school choice as they transition into the middle school years is critical to a child’s sense of stability and success not just for 6th, 7th and 8th grades, but into their high school career and beyond as well. All parents want their children to be well prepared for their life after high school, whether that includes college, trade school, the military, or the workforce but preparation for that life begins well before the 9th grade. As the old saying goes, it’s important to begin how you mean to finish.

First and foremost, the desire of our faculty and staff is for students to know they are created for a purpose, and it is our role to help them discover and live out that God-given purpose. Therefore, TCA middle school is designed to meet the social, emotional, physical and spiritual needs of our students at a developmentally appropriate level while maintaining a high level of academic excellence, so they are not just prepared, but excited for what God has designed them to do.

To accomplish that goal, middle school students at TCA explore, learn, and grow in the three A’s: academics, arts and athletics. Our students have the opportunity to participate in the academic honors track beginning in the 6th grade and continue to the Early College program beginning in the 8th grade. They also have the ability to participate in the fine and performing arts in addition to a variety of girls and boys sports, each allowing students to explore or enhance their gifts inside and outside of the classroom. Middle school provides students the perfect opportunity to discover and grow while building a solid foundation of friendships, teacher support and a confidence in who God made them to be before the rigors of high school.

Middle school can be an exciting time of discovery and growth for students and their families and TCA looks forward to partnering with you to help your child thrive during these crucial years.

For the past ten years, TCA has served alongside Pastor Alejandro and his wife at Iglesia Cristiana Vida Nueva in Heredia, Costa Rica. The primary focus of these trips is building relationships within the community. The team engages in a variety of activities, such as playing soccer, jump rope, coloring, painting nails, puppet shows, and distributing toys, food, and clothing. These activities serve as a bridge to foster connections with the locals, particularly the children. Pastor Alejandro, who tirelessly supports the community, has been an invaluable partner in this endeavor. The TCA team is grateful for his guidance and support in their mission. Over the years, they've developed strong relationships with the people of Costa Rica, relationships that have deepened over the course of a decade.

At the core of TCA's missions trips is sharing of the Gospel. Each visit to the community of Iglesia Cristiana Vida Nueva concludes with a clear Gospel presentation, providing the team with an opportunity to witness the transformative power of faith in Jesus Christ. Over the years, they've had the privilege of seeing numerous kids and teens pray to receive Christ, leaving an indelible mark on the community's spiritual journey.

Flexibility and a willingness to follow the Holy Spirit's leading are crucial components of TCA's missions trips. Their goal is not just to meet practical needs but to reflect Christ's love in tangible ways. This has led to remarkable acts of kindness, such as purchasing a wheelchair for a child in need, offering prayers to a woman on her deathbed, helping a flood-stricken man repair his home, and even spontaneously sharing the Gospel with McDonald's workers, among many others.

In addition to their outreach efforts, TCA has played a significant role in addressing the housing needs of marginalized communities. They've constructed a total of six houses for families in need, often consisting of Nicaraguan refugees who have faced numerous challenges. What sets TCA apart is their commitment to making these houses, not just structures, but homes. The team shops for household items and decorations, adding finishing touches that turn a house into a warm and welcoming home.

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