Alumni Spotlight – Dr. Deanna Cash Moore

Dr. Deanna Cash Moore
Professor of Music at Bob Jones University
TCA Class of 1993

There are two things that have been part of Dr. Deanna Moore’s life almost as long as she can remember: music and Trinity Christian Academy. She was literally born at TCA, with both of her parents working at Trinity and attending TCA herself from K4 through 12th grade. In third grade, she began studying music with Joan and Max Cordell (TCA music teachers and choir/band directors) and never looked back, eventually picking up flute and percussion and playing with the band at TCA. Some of her favorite memories still include her days as drum major for the Conquerors marching band, performing during home games, and being surrounded by a true community of athletes, staff, and other musicians.

During her junior year, Dr. Moore realized that music was something she could excel at, enjoy forever, and use to impact the lives of others. Between music-based extracurricular activities and caring teachers who challenged her musically and created leadership opportunities for her, Dr. Moore began to pursue her path as a professional musician.

After TCA, Dr. Moore went on to study piano performance at Bob Jones University, eventually obtaining a Doctor of Musical Arts degree in piano performance with a minor in piano pedagogy from the University of South Carolina. Today, she is a professor of music at Bob Jones University, teaching piano literature and applied piano and leading workshops, camps, and departmental activities. She and her husband, also a musician and professor, have four children and love the excitement of a busy household filled with faith, love, and music – all of which were modeled for Dr. Moore while at TCA.

But TCA did more than just shape Dr. Moore musically. She says that the love and care demonstrated by her teachers influences her style as an educator today. She loves being part of her students’ lives because her mentors and teachers at TCA were – and still are – so involved in her life. Plus, she was given a vision to use her gifts for something bigger than herself.


“[At TCA], I was surrounded by the truth that God has a plan to redeem people and to grow them to be like Christ,”

said Dr. Moore.

“And I wanted to be part of that plan. I wanted to be used of the Lord in whatever way He directed.”

Dr. Moore loves performing for her campus, her community, and her church, striving to reflect the beauty of a masterful creator, and pouring into the lives of those around her – a calling that grows out of her own walk as a Christian musician, one that started at Trinity Christian Academy.

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