About TCA

About TCA

A Better Education. A Happier Environment. A Safer Place. A Brighter Future.

That's Trinity.

Trinity Christian Academy is a fully accredited private school serving students from Nursery through 12th grade in the Jacksonville, FL area. Since 1967, TCA and its dedicated faculty and staff have strived to nurture students in mind, body, and spirit through our comprehensive educational model.

For more than 50 years Trinity Christian Academy, its dedicated staff of caring teachers, commitment to academic excellence, and enriching programs have provided Jacksonville families with a positive, faith-driven place for their children to get a high-quality education that builds character and will prepare them for college and beyond.

Instilling Values



We help students develop their own biblical worldviews that will guide them in making good decisions for the rest of their lives. We are committed to graduating students who know and understand the Bible and see the importance of developing a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.



One of our greatest tasks is leading young people in becoming successful, respected, productive citizens. We place daily emphasis on instructing and training each student to live with Godly character and moral integrity by providing a clear framework of expectations.



Right now, Trinity Christian Academy students are learning skills and developing traits that will follow them for the rest of their lives. Through a structured educational experience, we guide students in taking responsibility for their class work and personal actions.

Inspiring Distinction



Our Academics are divided into two distinct divisions. The lower division consists of Preschool through grade 6 while the upper division is comprised of grades 7 through 12. Each level provides students the opportunity to develop a strong educational and spiritual foundation that will prepare them for college and beyond.

trinity basketball


Trinity is a member of the Florida High School Athletic Association and one of the most sought after programs in the state. We offer 13 sports for both male and female athletes. Each year we are proud of the number of TCA student athletes who are offered opportunities to continue their educational journey through collegiate athletic scholarships.



Trinity offers a wide range of extra-curricular activities that helps students find and develop their passions. Our award-winning music and drama programs are well respected and recognized throughout the State of Florida for their quality.

Providing Opportunity


Dual Enrollment

Trinity has developed one of the strongest dual enrollment programs in Northeast Florida. The program enables students to begin taking college-level courses while earning credits, giving them a head start toward an Associate’s degree while still in high school.


College Scholarships

Every year our students are offered an array of scholarships through achievements in academics, athletics, community service, art, and more that go toward a college education. At Trinity, we believe in giving students every opportunity to earn scholarships through our thorough guidance counseling programs.



At Trinity, we’re proud of our alumni base and the long list of successful graduates who are impacting their communities. From politicians, business leaders, military officers, musicians, professional athletes, physicians, lawyers, educators, and doctoral researchers, Trinity graduates can be found affecting positive change in every industry.

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