Trusting God Again – Stability in a Time of Dissent

Hearts and minds are prone to drifting when there is no anchor. Together we must bring stabilizing answers and solutions. Here at Trinity Christian Academy, we long to see the love of Christ unify our communities, and our nation. Have you noticed it can be challenging carrying on a meaningful conversation these days? Generally speaking, our youth are riddled with worry and cynicism. It’s as if they may believe more in the existence of a super hero than the existence of an amazing, and sovereign God. It’s not difficult to understand why they are confused. Looking at the volatile climate in the world, should spark an urgency in our call to action.

As a learning community, this is a great time to self-assess. How do we see our own family responding to the events around us?

This toxic climate of high-anxiety, super-sensitive, hyped-up polarization is teaching our youth how big America perceives God to be. It is a sad reflection, and it is exposing the true size of our faith to our youngest minds, and to the unsaved world.

Ask yourself, if you were not a follower of Christ already, just by looking at the current landscape of “believers,” would you run hard in the opposite direction, or would you want to know their God? The momentum must change. God must not be absent from our daily narrative.

Placing our trust in God will anchor us like nothing else. We are to trust God when we are told that His ways are higher than our ways. We are to trust God when we are told that ALL things work out for His glory. We are to trust God when the world leaders lead poorly. We are to trust God when the country in which we choose to live selects a leader that we may not fully trust.

We are to trust God, knowing that He is sovereign no matter what man attempts to do.

WHY? Because His plan is one of redemption and restoration. In the end, every knee shall bow, and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is LORD. If we really do believe these things, we should start living in such a way that demonstrates this faith, and trust in God, not in man.

The current state is nothing new to God. Since the beginning of civilization, God has dealt with evil kings, and with God-fearing kings. God knows how to bring people to a place where they cry out to Him regardless of which ruler is on the throne. He knows the best way to restore and heal a nation. God knows the heart of man, and He will always reign full of justice, love and mercy. Always. Do we really trust Him? How big is the God you are hoping people will follow?

Let’s get to the good part. How can we partner in our efforts to bring about authentic unity? We need to be thankful to have an all-knowing, all-powerful God to lean on, to depend upon, and to point others toward. No matter the outcome of November elections, we all need to turn to God. We need to comprehend His power, His love and His grace. We need to love the hurting and the lost around us no matter their political bent. We are called to love our neighbors.

We need to pray that God will give us eyes to see the needs all around us and trust God to provide the best way to help. Through us, God wants to accomplish all of these things no matter who rules a nation, and no matter what virus may be in the air.

TEN WAYS we can help our homes and our families reflect faith in God.

  1. Demonstrate trust in the small things.
  2. Be quick to turn prayerfully to God for help and provision. Be anxious for nothing.
  3. Be transparent about your personal dependence upon God daily.
  4. Share the victories and the failings you have experienced in your walk with God.
  5. Tell about His love for us, and be thankful.
  6. In relevant and sincere ways, preach the gospel to yourself and to your children daily.
  7. Show how much you hurt for the lost and needy.
  8. Show that your strength, stability and peace come from an eternal source, not from man.
  9. Talk back to the “lies” you hear and face daily.
  10. Give your children the gift of seeing an authentic, God fearing, humble human who has real struggles and yet loves God deeply.

We know that true unity is only possible in Christ. Here at Trinity Christian Academy, we believe that a life lived with Christ is what is best for all humanity. We know that Christ in us, is the only way our love can shine through, regardless of political party, social standing, or spiritual status.

TCA provides a quality education, a safe learning environment and a host of opportunities for our students to be challenged in academics, arts and athletics.

TCA intentionally hires Christian teachers because it is our goal to empower students to discover and live out their God-given purpose.

We understand this is a journey that does not look the same for each student. The influential adults in the lives of our students have a high and noble calling to bring them truth and to protect their hearts and minds in a safe learning environment. Trinity is such a place.

We would love to engage with you beyond school relationships and invite you to church with us at Trinity, or be a help to you and your family should you have spiritual interest and needs. We want to partner with you in this journey.

May God grant us peace and unity.

Now to him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, forever and ever. Amen. Ephesians 3:20-21

David Welling
Head of School

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