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September 4, 2020

Our entire learning community deserves to be applauded! Thank you! We have successfully completed a full month of classes. We have shown strength in unity. We have shown care for others through careful prevention and self-reporting in order to perserve a safe learning environment.

Briefings by Topic

Classroom and Virtual Instruction

  • We are getting better every day as we learn the system and technology. Google Classroom is feature-rich and we continue to grow in our implementation of this platform. So far over 90% of our families have logged into Google Classroom and Rediker. Thank you!
  • With just over 20% of our students in the 9-Week Virtual Model, the comment we hear the most is, “I can’t wait to get the students back on campus.” We all know that the dynamic in class experience is ideal and we look forward to having everyone back in class.
  • Your feedback is valued and welcome. For feedback regarding online/virtual learning, send to our Virtual Learning Coordinator (VLC) Dr. Cindy Robinson
  • Helpful links-

After School Clubs and Sports Are Underway

  • Check out our after-care clubs and sports. We have football, basketball, band, cheer, volleyball, golf, karate, robotics just to name a few!
  • Lower Division contact:
  • Upper Division contact:

For TC Athletic Event TICKETS (capacity limited)

  • Purchase through GoFans (links will be released next week)
  • 1st come, 1st serve. Stadium capacity is limited.
  • Athletics Link:
  • Football: Local report click here

COVID-19 Update

  • After one month, through proactive communication, screening, a TCA Clinic hotline, parent prevention and referral centers for rapid testing, there has been only one positive case of COVID on campus. Through contact tracing, 11 individuals were identified and transitioned to virtual learning for a 14-day quarantine. At this point, none of those who quarantined exhibited any signs of COVID. While quarantine may be a necessity after an exposure, isolating the case with zero spread is effectively a result of the preventative measures we have in place.
  • Daily screenings are going very well. Our students are seated in class by 8:00AM because our screening stations are doubled up and very efficient. Thank you for getting your student here on time.
  • Campus cleaning is going well. Our janitorial crews have become experts in using the new electro static cleaning machines and the campus is disinfected each night.
  • Parents can continue to help us stop the spread by keeping students home when ill and communicating with our clinic to ensure a safe return to school. TCA Clinic: Please CALL (904)596-2518 OR TEXT (904)496-0517


So far, we are conducting our large group assemblies virtually for both Lower Division and Upper Division. What this looks like is a digital feed into each classroom. Our students and teachers sing and worship together and hear a challenging message from scripture each week. Links are available for parents too!

Together for TCA

David Welling
Head of School
Trinity Christian Academy

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