TCA Monthly Alumni Spotlight – Elizabeth Nemeth

An attorney, successful business owner, and gifted singer are all roles that Elizabeth Nemeth Owens possesses as a 2000 TCA Alum. Elizabeth, also affectionately known as “Libby” to family and friends, obtained her Juris Doctorate at the Florida Coastal School of Law after studying Abnormal Psychology at Jacksonville University. Today, she runs her own practice, The Nemeth Law Corporation, focused on family law and estate planning.

“I opened my own office out of law school and have maintained it for going on 13 years,” Elizabeth proudly shared. She is also married and the delightful mother of two children. When not busy with law, Elizabeth and her family enjoy worshipping at Westside Baptist Church and spending time at the beach.

Elizabeth credits TCA with preparing her for success, not only in college, but in life. “I had the opportunity to do dual enrollment and was able to get many classes done early, giving me the freedom to explore my interests once I got to college,” she said. “I loved being in Voices in Praise (VIP) with Mrs. Vaughn who taught me all kinds of life lessons I still use.” Elizabeth fondly recalls VIP being the greatest opportunity she was given at TCA. It blessed her with a platform to showcase her voice, an opportunity to be awarded a scholarship for college, and helped her find herself. Furthermore, watching teachers like Mrs. Vaughn live out what she taught showed Elizabeth she could do it too.

When not involved in VIP, Elizabeth appreciated the scripture-based foundation TCA granted her and encourages prospective students considering TCA to pursue their interests.

“[The scriptures] gave me truths to rely on in my heart when I needed them most,”

she said.

“Trinity opened many doors for me and helped me form who I would be as I moved forward [in life].”

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