TCA Monthly Alumni Spotlight – Christia Lomas

Worship Leader. A Cappella Singer. Music Arranger.

While these are some of the passions Christia Lomas (TCA ’17) has enjoyed dedicating herself to over the years, TCA served as the initial spark for her love for music and performance. “My favorite memory was being a part of the theatre department,” said Christia with a big smile. Music is a passion for Christia—one that grounds her and brings much joy into her life and those she touches. “Music and arts were always a great way for me to escape, but also bring happiness and laughter to others,” said Christia.

Class of 2017 Triplets: Derrick Lomas, Derrice Lomas, Christia Loma

In addition to the creative foundation TCA provided Christia, she spoke fondly of how TCA equipped her with the tools she needed to succeed. She concurrently obtained her high school diploma and Associate of Arts at the Florida State College of Jacksonville through TCA’s Dual Enrollment Program. Christia then went on to obtain her bachelor’s degree from the University of Florida with honors, and is now on path to reach her next milestone. “Trinity taught me that success is not just given to you, but you really have to fight for it,” Christia recalled. “There will be people gunning to see you fail, but also those who will stand next to you with encouragement.” TCA also enriched her life spiritually with a profound impact on her relationship with God. “I was at my lowest when I came to know Christ,” said Christia. It was after a youth group gathering one night at Trinity that changed her life forever. Christia’s passion for God is still evident as she is actively involved in the worship and young adult ministries at her church.

Outside of her church activities and when not engaging her creative pursuits, Christia enjoys being a Research Technologist at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida. In this role, she interacts with patients fighting cancer. The best part of her job is seeing patients celebrate beating cancer with their families and being able to celebrate alongside them.

“We have a cancer bell in the hall next to our lab that rings every time a patient is deemed cancer-free, and it is such a beautiful sound to hear,” said Christia. “It reminds me the work our lab does, really makes a difference in people’s lives.” Christia looks forward to using the skills and compassion she’s developed at Mayo with her Bachelor of Science in Microbiology and Cell Science to excel at medical school, starting in July.

Christia credits TCA with her success to this point and offers a unique, transparent perspective to prospective students and families. “TCA isn’t a perfect school, and it has flaws, as all schools do. But where it excels and where it falls short were pivotal to the person I am today and who I strive to be,” said Christia.

“Success is not just handed out, but TCA gives students the tools to get there as long as they are willing to work for it.”

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