TCA Heath & Wellness Update

Dear TCA Parents,

We remain thankful for the combined efforts of our community; however, at the same time, we must keep up our vigilance. As we approach our twelfth week of in-class learning, we want to acknowledge the diligence shown by our students, faculty, and visitors adhering to our on-campus safety procedures. The enforcement of face coverings during the day, enhanced cleaning procedures, social distancing, and the practice of cohorting students have proven to be effective strategies to mitigate potential spread of the virus. Keeping in mind the safety and well-being of our school community, we will continue to enforce our safety protocols and follow the guidance of our local health authorities.

Face Coverings

We do not anticipate a change in the recommendations of the CDC and local health authorities for the use of face coverings in school. Even if Duval County lifts its city mandate, schools will most likely continue to require face coverings for the entire school year.

Shared Responsibility

In the last week, three local schools have closed due to outbreaks. At least one of these outbreaks was traced to a large, off campus, unsanctioned party. The more we behave as a community, with a shared sense of health and well-being, the more we will be able to ensure an open and safe learning environment for every student and teacher. We are not suggesting that everyone goes into isolation. We are simply presenting a pathway forward that touches the areas where all of us can put into action best practices and thoughtful behaviors. We have done so well thus far, let’s continue.

Pre-screening at Home

Equally important is the pre-screening process done prior to the student arriving to campus each day. Students must not be sent to school if they are displaying ANY symptoms that may be COVID-19 related. Parents should contact our clinic at 904-596-2518 or may refer to our webpage or app for a pre-screening flowchart as well as updates and information on COVID-19.

COVID-19 Testing

Free rapid testing is now available by appointment 7 days a week at the Regency testing center. Please note that most rapid tests are antigen tests and may be less accurate than a molecular or PCRtest (FDA info here). If your child tests negative with a rapid (antigen) test, based on their symptoms, they may be required to get a PCR test prior to school re-entry. It is critical to communicate ALL COVID-19 testing and illness with the school clinic prior to your student’s return to school.

Thank you for taking the time to review and support our efforts. We are thankful for the opportunity to have our students fully engaged in on-campus learning. The number of students on campus continue to increase now with only 9% of our students doing remote instruction.

Together for TCA,
Health & Wellness Team

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