TCA Alumni Spotlight – Juan DeVevo Jr.

This month’s alumni spotlight belongs to Grammy and Dove award winner, Juan DeVevo, Jr.

He is not only a writer, producer, and singer, but also the guitarist for Casting Crowns – one of the most influential and highly decorated bands in the contemporary Christian Music (CCM) community.

DeVevo, a Trinity Christian Academy (TCA) alum, credits TCA with giving him a sound theology he has cherished throughout the years. Looking back at a time in his life when he wasn’t pursuing God on his own, he now recognizes TCA as a driving force, alongside his family, that carried him while he learned to stand on his faith.

“I don’t know what I’d be doing if I hadn’t learned how to think and navigate God’s word while I went to school there,” said DeVevo. “I think learning about God every day immersed me in a climate that, if not always authentic on my part, still steered me in the right direction.”


After graduating from TCA in 1993, DeVevo attended Embry Riddle and obtained a bachelor’s in Aviation Maintenance Technology and Flight before realizing he wanted to dedicate his life to his passion – music. Now living in the countryside outside Atlanta, DeVevo is actively involved in his CCM band, Casting Crowns, and teaches music and worship for the youth ministry at his church. Reflecting on his music career so far, DeVevo is most proud of being able to travel and share the Gospel on every inhabitable continent for the past 20 years – he even got to meet American rapper and cultural icon Flava Flav.


In a recent interview with The Brink Magazine, DeVevo stated the most satisfying part of his ministry, both inside the church building and out, was the honor of hearing someone’s story. “At church, it’s hearing a student share about God’s faithfulness. On the road, it’s hearing about families that have been restored because of a moment in a concert,” he said. “That’s a great boost for me. It’s a green light from the Father that tells me to carry on.”

While music is an integral part of DeVevo’s life, it is not the only thing he’s done since graduating from TCA. “I’ve been dabbling in comedy, doing stand-up, improv with Fish Sticks comedy, and a weekly online show called Starving Comics Quarantine Show,” he said with excitement. Being able to chase his varying fulfilling interests, from comedy to raising chicken in the countryside, is what keeps him going. This trait of being easygoing is one he developed while at TCA.

“I had a group of friends and no matter what was happening, we’d find ways to laugh,” he said with a chuckle. “As weird and as hard as growing up can be, they taught me to laugh at myself and not to take things too seriously.”

DeVevo also prides himself on being a player on one of Coach Dorminey’s first few football teams as one of his favorite memories.

“I can’t forget my years playing football for [him]…we were probably the goofiest and hardest to coach,” he said with a smile. “I personally claim responsibility for making him strong enough to coach championship teams.”

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