Private School Tuition is an Eternal Investment

In a time where schools across our nation are struggling to deliver a meaningful education, Trinity Christian Academy has given our families the opportunity to provide students with in-person instruction. We believe that our students deserve access to as many academic experiences and safe physical activities as circumstances will allow. The social, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of our families is always going to be a high priority.

There is much more to the TCA experience than what you will find at other schools. When we say we are concerned about the education of the whole child, we are promising you a Christian teacher, who is passionate about their subject matter and genuinely concerned about each student’s spiritual, intellectual and social development. Our mission, to empower students to discover and live out their God­given purpose, is foundational to every program and activity we offer.

This mission is not only our foundation, but also a commitment to a partnership between your family and our shared responsibility, to help your student discover their worth, value and identity in Christ. Trinity Christian Academy is a place where we purposefully allow the values of eternity to be the values that shape how we are living each day.

How does this happen in the context of a school?

  • Our teachers and leaders stand for biblically based core values.
  • Our teachers and leaders pray specifically for you and your student.
  • Our curriculum is presented from a biblical worldview, and if we are using a secular text, our teachers intentionally integrate biblical truths.
  • We dedicate weekly times of gathering students together to hear relevant messages, presentations and stories that challenge them toward faith in God.

In these times of chaos, uncertainty, and global confusion, we are here to provide a place of hope, peace, stability, and truth. The “C” in the middle of TCA is what will continue to drive our purpose and direction. We want as many students as possible to have access to an education where the “C” is in the middle of everything. That’s why we will always work to make the educational experience better. Every day we have the opportunity to make an eternal difference as we allow God to use us as His instruments.

We already have published our new rates for 2021-2022. We want you to see and hear the value of your investment with TCA. We get one chance to educate our children and I cannot think of a more worthwhile investment than one with an eternal outcome.

You talked, we listened. We are expanding the options for our littlest Conquerors! Now families will have more options to meet the needs of their personal schedules. We have added three more sections with new teachers to match the demand. Our 1st grade reached full capacity this year, so we are also adding another section of 2nd grade in order to have sufficient room as our students move up the ranks. We have exponentially increased the number of students with access to our STEAM Labs and increased long-term after-school club activities. Additionally, we have increased the number of laptops available to our students and teachers.

We are very careful as we look for ways to improve our campus, our product, and our quality so that our students get the best return from your sacrifice and investment. If we never made any changes, it would still cost us more to operate next year than it did this year. We rise to meet the financial challenges and look forward to serving your family and meeting the educational and spiritual needs of your children.

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