Using the Family Empowerment Scholarship to Fund Private School Education

Dissatisfied with the public school system, but private school doesn’t fit within the budget? It may be more affordable than you think. Even if you have not previously qualified for State funded financial assistance, you may qualify for Florida's Family Empowerment Scholarships.

The Family Empowerment Scholarship (FES) was signed into law on May 9, 2019 and became Florida’s sixth K-12 private school scholarship program since 1999. The FES provides eligible students a scholarship to attend a private school selected by the parent. Check out whether Trinity Christian Academy might be the best private school choice for your child(ren). The new FES program was capped at 18,000 students for 2019-20. The cap will grow each year by 0.25 percent of the State’s total public school student enrollment (estimated at about 7,000 students for 2020-21), making this upcoming year’s cap around 25,000 students.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Students must be in grades K-12 and age 5 by September 1st.
  • Student must have attended a Florida public school for the prior school year unless entering kindergarten, a foster child, or a child of a member of the U.S. Armed Forces who transfers to Florida with permanent change of station orders.
  • Student must be living in a household earning at, or below, 300 percent of the Federal poverty level, or in foster care or out-of-home care. That equals $77,250 for a student living in a household of four.

The program is first-come, first-served and the application deadline is May 25, 2020.  Parents, guardians and students may apply for the program by clicking here.

TCA is now enrolling Nursery-12th grade.  Schedule a tour today!

Other aid offerings by the State of Florida:

  • Step-Up-For-Students – Pays a portion of tuition for the year. Maximum amount awarded in 2019/2020 was $6,800. Parents may apply at www.stepupforstudents.orgNote that this scholarship applies only to students who are coming from a public school.
  • McKay Scholarship – Pays various amounts depending upon the student’s special need. Parents may apply at and click on McKay on the left-hand toolbar.

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