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Please check and verify whether or not you have a current physical on file at the Athletic Assistant's Office in the H Building. All physicals are valid for one year from the date your physician signs on the back of the physical form.

Please be informed that students must meet academic requirements. A 2.0 GPA is required and a student will be placed on academic probation if they have 2 "F"s, 1 "F" and 2 "D"s, or 4 "D"s. Probation requires no practices or games. If a student must be on campus after school hours, they must report to study hall.

NO student is to be on a practice or playing field without having the athletic clearance form (consent and release) filled out.

Athletics forms must to be submitted through Online Athletic Clearance.

If you are an international student or a homeschooled student, additional information is necessary to be able to compete in any sport.

Athletic Clearance Form

Click below for the Athletic Clearance form.

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EL2 Physical Form

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Home School Athletes

TCA Home School Athletes are held to the same standards and expectations as all TCA students. Athlete participation will be considered based on educational records, academic testing, and character references. Please download the checklist packet and all forms below:

Athletics Forms

Athletics forms must to be submitted through Online Athletic Clearance. Click here for the instructions to register an account for the online submission.

Home Education Requirements:

FHSAA Bylaws (§ 1006.15(3)(c)1-7, F.S.)
To participate in interscholastic athletics, a home education student must:
(a) register as a home education student with the district school superintendent of the county in which he/she resides; and

(b) register with the school of his/her intent to participate on or before the beginning date of the season for the sport in which he/she wants to participate; and

(c) meet the same standards of acceptance, behavior and performance as the school requires of other participating students; and

(d) certify to the school at the end of each semester that he/she has the minimum cumulative grade point average required for participation; and

(e) meet all other FHSAA eligibility requirements; and(f) must be registered with the FHSAA Office each year using a form provided by the Association.

Please note: If students are enrolled in Florida Virtual School (FLVS), they must be enrolled in FLVS Flex program.

For questions, contact Athletic Assistant, Gloria Massey at or 904.596.2503.

Athletic Training



In the world of physical and occupational therapy, CORA stands alone. No one is more cutting-edge and results-driven. No one is more thorough. No one is more geographically desirable. And no one gets patients back to life as quickly and healthfully as we do.

We communicate. We identify and achieve outcomes. We respect costs. We grow. We share. And we laugh. (Not coincidentally, the best medicine!) Our therapists are the most sought-after in the industry, and we keep them that way with continuing education and funding for advanced degrees and certifications.

Every decision we make, every new facility we open, every advanced technology we employ, is added mindfully to benefit each member of our CORA Community: the patients, staff, physicians, payers, and partners in the neighborhoods we serve. For all of you, we offer our commitment to an exceptionally seamless, professional, accessible and transparent experience, consistently delivered with care.

And that’s how we do getting better, better.


9560 Crosshill Blvd
Jacksonville, FL 32222, USA
(904) 203-1296

6248 103rd St
Jacksonville, FL 32210, USA
(904) 203-1296

1045 Riverside Ave #190
Jacksonville, FL 32204, USA
(904) 203-1296


Haley Fraser

B.S. Athletic Training University of North Florida

Haley has been a part of Trinity where she began as a student athlete and now has returned as its head athletic trainer. She completed her education at the University of North Florida where she was certified L.A.T. and A.T.C.. Haley completed internships at Bishop Snyder, JU, Episcopal, and Providence before returning to Trinity to take the head trainer position. You can now find Haley on any TCA sideline during home sporting events ready to help and assist in any way.



Jonathan Murphy

Athletic Administrator

Phone: (904) 596-2530



Mrs. Gloria Massey

Athletic Assistant

Phone: (904) 596-2503


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