An Email Like No Other. It’s an Email of Heartfelt Thanks!

On January 22, TCA held its annual induction ceremony for the Junior Beta Club. Inductees for the Junior Beta Club are selected based on high grades and service to the school and community. One of these inductees was 5th grader, Donald Nelson. Donald started attending Trinity when he was 5 years old and has had to overcome several obstacles to reach this achievement.

ReDonna Nelson, Donald’s mother, shares some of Donald’s journey at TCA.

“What some may not know, is Donald started out with a struggle of his own. He was speech impaired and did not speak until the age of three…I remember that his very first grade in kindergarten was a D and it was in phonics. I cried with Mrs. Isaac because my heart was broken for my son. All the crazy thoughts started to wreak havoc over me…’What had I done to him? Did I put him in too early? How are we going to get him up to his level? Will he make it to first grade?’ BUT, today, he walked across that stage with his sweet smile and was recognized for his hard work. He overcame with Jesus by his side!”

Mrs. Nelson continued her celebration of Donald by thanking teachers and staff who have been a part of Donald’s education at TCA.

“Thank you for the years of investing in Donald’s life. He has made it this far because of each one of you. You have been there for him on his good days and his bad. You have been there for him when he just needed that hug. You have encouraged him and pushed him when he needed it the most. I’m thankful for each one of you! The hours that you put in at school and at home mean the world to this mama. The times that you have worked with him when he struggled or the moments of just saying hi. It means everything to me.”

ReDonna closes out her letter of gratitude with this,

“Please know that I’m forever grateful for the impact you had in his life from starting school to getting saved to the young man he is today. THANK YOU! I’m so thankful for TCA and the teachers we’ve been blessed to have. You’ve ministered to our family in ways you’ll never know.”

Congratulations, Donald! TCA is all very proud of you. Keep up the good work!

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  • ReDonna has been a life long friend, she has always had a beautiful heart for the Lord and for others.
    She is an amazing mom.. so proud of little Donald and thankful for TCA and the impact it has made on him amd their family


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