Alumni Spotlight: Mark “Chip” Bordeaux – A Life Worth Living in Service of Christ

Trinity Christian Academy takes immense pride in the accomplishments of its graduates, and one alumnus who has truly exemplified the school's values and teachings is Mark "Chip" Bordeaux, a member of the Class of 1977. His journey from Trinity to becoming a dedicated minister, educator, writer, and advocate for Life Worth Living ministries is nothing short of inspirational.

After completing his high school education at Trinity, Chip's dedication to his faith led him to pursue higher education rooted in biblical studies. He obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies from Luther Rice University, a Master of Divinity in Theology from The Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary, and a Doctor of Ministry in Church Revitalization from the prestigious Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. These academic achievements marked the foundation of his journey towards becoming a respected authority in his field.

Chip accumulated a lot of ministry experience prior to his current position with Life Worth Living ministries. He held various pastoral positions, volunteered for the International Mission Board and served as a contracted consultant to the South Carolina Baptist Convention.

Chip's commitment to serving others through Life Worth Living Ministries showcases his unwavering dedication to his calling. As a full-time speaker, consultant, and writer, he uses his extensive knowledge and profound understanding of theology to inspire and guide individuals in discovering a meaningful life through their faith. Chip's passion extends beyond the pulpit; he dedicates his free time to teaching, staying active at the gym, and engaging in a fulfilling mission to rescue, train, and re-home German Shepherds through Good Shepherd GSD Rescue.


Behind his illustrious career lies a deeply rooted family foundation. Chip is blessed with a loving wife, Debbie, and their children, Lauren and Mark Jr. The joy in his eyes amplifies when he speaks about his two grandchildren, Grant and Ellie Kate, who undoubtedly bring an extra sparkle to his life.

When asked about his remarkable journey, Chip humbly attributes his achievements to the grace of God. He emphasizes that following Christ through life is a privilege and a challenge, and that success is determined by the Lord. Chip's extensive ministry experience spans not only the United States but also Russia, Ukraine, and Mexico. He ardently supports individuals in finding a life worth living in Christ and comes alongside churches to facilitate revival and revitalization, nurturing disciples for future generations.

Reflecting on his time at Trinity Christian Academy, Chip highlights the profound impact the school had on his spiritual journey. He credits his coaches and teachers for instilling biblical values within an atmosphere of unconditional love. It was at Trinity that Chip encountered the gospel in a transformative way, equipping him to overcome challenges and uncertainties with unwavering faith. His six years at Trinity taught him the invaluable lesson that hard work combined with faith in Christ could lead to unparalleled accomplishments.

One cherished memory during Chip's time at TCA stands out vividly: winning a cross-country race during his senior year and running into his father's arms at the finish line. This memory symbolizes not only his achievements but also his ultimate goal to finish his earthly race and be welcomed into his Heavenly Father's embrace.

Chip's relationship with God was further deepened during his time at Trinity. He was already a church member and had undergone baptism, yet it was through the preaching of God's word that he realized the need for genuine spiritual rebirth. Trinity's influence played a pivotal role in guiding Chip towards a true and personal relationship with Christ.

For those considering Trinity Christian Academy, Chip offers a resounding endorsement. He believes that Trinity's commitment to academic excellence within a Christian environment fosters a genuine and personal relationship with Christ. Moreover, students have the opportunity to reach their full potential while building lasting friendships.

Mark "Chip" Bordeaux stands as a testament to the transformative power of a faith-based education at Trinity Christian Academy. His journey from a young graduate to a distinguished minister and educator serves as an inspiration to all, reminding us that a life dedicated to Christ's mission and purpose is truly a life worth living.

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