Alternative Graduation Plans Announcement

Despite the uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 quarantine, the staff of TCA is working diligently to make sure that the Class of 2020 has a memorable and special graduation. If safety restrictions prevent the originally scheduled ceremony from taking place on May 22, the following three special events will take place to honor our graduates and their families:

Graduation Parade :

On May 22, the official graduation date, there will be a celebratory vehicle parade. Seniors will have the opportunity to decorate their cars, dress up in their caps and gowns and be presented with their diploma without ever leaving their cars!  Teachers and friends will be invited to line the processional pathway, make signs, and cheer (within social distancing guidelines). 

Virtual Graduation Day:

On May 23, TCA will have a televised virtual graduation ceremony. The ceremony will be professionally broadcasted and will include speeches from the valedictorian, salutatorian, senior class president and school leadership. The ceremony will broadcast on WJXT TV- 4 and CW -17, and also be available via website to others outside the Jacksonville viewing area. The broadcast will run for approximately one hour and will be made available via download. 

Postponed Graduation Ceremony:

 An in-person ceremony will take place at a later date yet to be determined, once it is safe to do so.  This will be an abbreviated ceremony to give the TCA seniors and their immediate family an opportunity to experience the traditional event. 

Alternative Plans for Kindergarten Graduation Ceremonies:

Due to social distancing and COVID-19, TCA is planning a pre-recorded virtual graduation event for Kindergarten. This will be made accessible to parents and family on May 14 – the regularly scheduled graduation date.

The virtual graduation will include their class video, highlighting each child during the school year. Also, each teacher will call their students’ names and the picture of the child will be shown.

TCA is also preparing special Graduation Packets for Kindergarten students. Families will be contacted in May with plans for packet pick-ups. K4-VPK students will receive a diploma and a special graduation gift. K5 Student Packets are designed to include a cap and gown, cap and gown graduation picture and diploma.

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