TCA Purchased 130 Air Purifiers to Serve Our 1,300+ Students

At Trinity Christian Academy, our students’ health and safety are a primary priority. Given the continuing risk of Covid-19 in our community and our desire to find the best way to continue providing TCA students with the best education possible, our team brainstormed ways we could improve student safety amid the current health concerns.

The result?

MA-40 Air Purifiers for our school. Not just one or two, but an effective and powerful air purifier for every classroom and office at Trinity Christian Academy!

Faculty member Amanda Kinder, who has been teaching at Trinity since 2008 and currently teaches Pre-Algebra at Trinity Christian Academy, was the project lead for this purchase. Amanda relates:

“When the idea of air purifiers was suggested, we knew it would be the perfect way to protect our students and staff from the increased health risks we’re facing. Our medical director gave this project the green light and we went for it! We purchased air purifiers for every classroom on the campus of Trinity Christian Academy, from daycare all the way up to high school, including office spaces.

Yes, that meant obtaining over 130 air purifiers to serve our 1,300+ students as well as our staff and teachers. We are grateful for the funding we received from a grant approved under the CARES Act, which enabled us to make these purchases. On Monday, September 13th, the purifiers were delivered and activated in every classroom on campus.”


The air purifiers, from Medify Air LLC, are designed for use in both commercial and residential spaces. They are unique in that they have the ability to remove 99.99% of airborne particles related to Covid-19 in as little as 30 minutes (at highest speed). What is more, each freestanding air purifier is equipped with an ozone-free ionizer and filters specially designed to reduce airborne bacteria, viral particles, mold, and any other pathogens in the air.

If you are a parent of school-aged children, you know that it seems like there is often something “going around”—whether we are dealing with a global pandemic or not. Coughs, colds, flu, and fevers consistently make the rounds during certain seasons, so we feel very blessed that we were able to make this step to promote the health and safety of our students and faculty. The air purifiers that we now have set up in every classroom were lab tested to ensure their effectiveness in reducing airborne viruses and combating Covid-19 and other common airborne illnesses.

Our top priority is the health of every student and our faculty and staff who faithfully serve our students. As such, we are thankful for the ability and resources to undertake this project. With our goal to empower students to discover and live out their God-given purpose, we aim to ensure that every child and teen studying at Trinity has the resources needed to excel in life. We serve a faithful God, in whom we can have pure confidence in His ability to protect and provide for us as we are committed to doing our part.

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