Administration, Directors & Staff


David Welling

Head of School

Carley Ellison

Administrator of Curriculum and Instruction

Tina Parrish

Lower Division Principal

Nicholas Groen

Lower Division Vice Principal

Polly Anderson

Lower Division Program Administrator

Jennifer Isaac

K-Building Assistant Principal

Dr. Bob Kinder

Upper Division Principal

Martin Hersey

Upper Division Vice Principal

Kathy Kelnhofer

Dean of Students


Susan Aman

7th-9th Grade Academic Director

James Buckner


Erika Davis

Admissions Director

Verlon Dorminey

Athletic Director and Football Coach

Crystal Dow

Director of Development

Ashley Gaines

Academic Director 10-12th grades

Mackenzie Green

Upper Division Counselor

Laurel Groff

Health Program Director

Nikkole Cannon

Director of After Care Programs/Nursery Secretary

Angela Markham

International Program Director 

Mackenzie Mowry

Band Director

Jonathan Murphy

Assistant Athletic Director/Bible Teacher/Head Baseball Coach

Teri Pappas

Student Support Services Director


Berta Baacke

Upper Division Academic Guidance Administrative Assistant / Records Clerk

Melissa Beck

Upper Division Administrative Assistant

Karen Belk

Software Manager

Pam Bialek

Kindergarten Administrative Assistant

Gloria Massey

Athletic Assistant

Jackie Rockefeller

Upper Division Office Receptionist

Tina Page

Elementary Administrative Assistant

Joanna Seay

Upper Division Attendance

Jennifer Sweat

Elementary Office Assistant

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